AlcoHAWK PT750 Breathalyzer

Product Categories: Alcohol Monitoring.

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The AlcoHAWK® PT750 is a cutting edge, breakthrough unit in the AlcoHAWK Series line of breath alcohol testers. It incorporates our PT Core™ fuel-cell sensor to virtually eliminate false positives and offer enhanced linear accuracy over traditional semi-conductor sensors. The simple menu-driven operation allows you to quickly and accurately screen for the presence of alcohol up to 0.400% BAC. The AlcoHAWK PT750 also features a large, easy-to-read back-lit LCD display.

The AlcoHAWK PT750 is the ideal unit for law enforcement roadside screening, corrections, probation officers, substance abuse clinics, boating, military, and many other areas of professional testing in which fuel-cell accuracy and reliability is required.

Fuel-cell Sensor Technology:  The PT Core™ sensor is an exciting new technology available in the AlcoHAWK® PT models.  This new technology incorporates an electro-chemical fuel-cell detection system.  PT Core™ Technology offers many advantages over semi-conductor based technologies such as:

  • Better linear accuracy away from the point of calibration
  • Less chance of getting false positives from interfering substances such as ketones which can be seen in conditions such as diabetes or people on fad diets
  • Improved sensor life – The PT Core™ sensor is designed to be robust and last for thousands of tests in fields such as Law Enforcement

Easy-to-Read LCD Display: The AlcoHAWK PT750 offers a large, easy-to-read LCD display to make the unit the most informative and understandable AlcoHAWK Series product on the market.

Adjustable Blowing Time: The AlcoHAWK PT750 is the first AlcoHAWK that allows you to control the blowing time. The blowing time may be adjusted for testing subjects with poor lung capacity, such as a smoker, or for testing subjects with a large lung capacity, such as a high-endurance runner. This makes the AlcoHAWK PT750 ideal for accurate and reliable testing of a variety of individuals. The AlcoHAWK PT750’s blowing time is adjustable from 3 to 8 seconds.

Temperature Display: The AlcoHAWK PT750 constantly displays the ambient temperature during use to help you operate the unit during its optimal temperature range of 50° – 104° F (10° – 40° C).

Warning Level Indicator: The AlcoHAWK PT750 features an audible and visual warning when a subject’s BAC surpasses the adjustable BAC alarm point.

Pressure Scan Sensor: Ensures that the user blows with enough force to start a test and also ensures that they continue to blow through the unit throughout the entire test.

Wireless Printing Capability: Print test results to an AlcoHAWK PT Wireless Thermal Printer with the press of a button.

Automatic Pump: Simple one button sampling with no manual activation of pump required.

Test Counter: Keep track of the number of tests run on the unit.

Test Memory: View the results of up to 1000 previous tests.

Countdown Timer: Start a countdown after consuming alcohol to prevent premature testing and inaccurate results.

Air Blank Check: Make sure no residual alcohol will affect your results.

Password Protection: Prevent unauthorized use of the unit.

Manual Testing Mode: Allows you to bypass automatic pump and decide at what time during testing that the air sample is taken.

USB Port: Allows for charging of the battery and the transferring of data to a PC.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery: Recharge the unit’s battery through it’s USB port using the included wall charger.

The AlcoHAWK PT750 includes:

  • Professional hard case with foam protection
  • AlcoHAWK PT Series Wireless Printer (Professional Kit Only)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Wall charger
  • 10 individually wrapped mouthpieces
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 year warranty