AlcoHAWK Optima Breathalyzer

Product Categories: Alcohol Monitoring.

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The AlcoHAWK Optima Breathalyzer reflects its name – Optimal accuracy, features, quality and performance.  The Optima is designed to be rugged enough for professional testing situations but sleek and portable for personal everyday use.  The AlcoHAWK Optima Breathalyzer quickly estimates blood alcohol content (BAC) and is the perfect choice for any testing situation requiring the highest level of accuracy.  There are many features of the Optima that give it an advantage over other units on the market today.  First, the Optima offers a 4 digit display and the widest detection range 0.000 – 0.400%BAC.  Detecting trace amounts of alcohol, such as 0.005% BAC, to higher levels of alcohol, such as .345% BAC the Optima quickly becomes the ideal unit in zero-tolerance testing situations. Second, the Optima Fuel Cell was designed to be robust and last for thousands of tests as compared to models utilizing a semi-conductor based sensor.  Compact and convenient enough to take anywhere, the Optima is roughly the size of a cell phone and easily fits in a pocket, purse, or glove compartments.

Replaceable mouthpieces allows for safe and sanitary testing of multiple users. The mouthpieces help to focus the air sample through the unit to obtain the most accurate %BAC results. Simply insert a mouthpiece into the AlcoHAWK Optima and begin testing immediately.

Large, easy-to-read 4-digit LCD display provides quick and accurate testing results of the %BAC.

Quick recall of last test result and up to 50 test results recorded

Easy operation – simply push the start button and left control for immediate testing.

Designed to Last – Optima Fuel Cell Sensor Technology provides enhanced linear accuracy throughout the wide test range of 0.000 – 0.400 %BAC. The Optima fuel cell is designed to be durable and robust enough to last for thousands of tests.

The AlcoHAWK Optima includes a soft pouch, five mouthpieces, owner’s manual, quick start guide, and a 1 year warranty.