air SLEEP/SNORE Breathing Aid

Product Categories: Nose Care.

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air Essentials SLEEP/SNORE provides instant, drug-free relief for congestion and snoring caused by nasal constriction. It fits discreetly and comfortably just inside the nose to gently open nasal passages and increase airflow 38% more than nasal strips. air Essentials SLEEP/SNORE is also infused with a calming lavender essential oil blend that is shown to help reduce congestion and promote restful sleep.

Breathe better. Sleep better with air Essentials SLEEP/SNORE:

  • Increases airflow 38% more than nasal strips
  • Instantly relieves nasal congestion
  • Clinically proven to reduce snoring
  • Infused with a calming lavender essential-oil blend
  • Drug-free and adhesive-free. No latex!
  • Soft, comfortable and discreet